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Reflexology is an ancient healing practice based on the principle that there are reflex points under the feet that correspond to the body’s organs and glands. Our feet holds the weight of the whole body, it allows us to move from one place to another and tends to be the most overworked part of our body. In most cases having a sedentary lifestyle, we don’t tend to use the foot muscles properly and wear tight footwear, all this hampers the circulation of the feet. A daily foot massage, helps in transporting oxygen to the body’s cells, which is essential for overall health helping promote better sleep and relieves pains and aches.

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Note: Each service includes an added complimentary 10 minute stretching session.

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Added Improvement

Muscle enhancement therapy  (Natural Pain Reliever)


Aromatherapy (lavender, lemongrass, tangerine, bergmont and more essences)


Electrostimulation / Heat Therapy 


Feet Exfoliator with magnesium/ sugar


Packages for Spa Parties available (birthday, girlfriends, spa day), bachelorette party, couple's pampering)

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Our vision is to increase longevity & independence, not dependence, by providing top-notch natural products and quality service.

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